Performance in MIPS is measured through the data clinicians report in four areas: Quality, Cost, Improvement Activities, and Promoting Interoperability. The performance categories have different “weights” and are added together to give you a MIPS final score. Explore the measures for each category on the Quality Payment Program website.
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For MIPS, there are no major proposed changes for MIPS requirements, but the program continues to get harder. The performance threshold required to avoid a penalty increases to 50, up from 45. The additional performance threshold remains at 85. The category weighting has Quality reduced to 40% and Cost increased to 20% with Improvement Activities (IA) remaining at 15% and Promoting Interoperability remaining at 25%. CMS has also proposed to use 2021 data to calculate benchmarks for 2021 submission; this departure is because CMS anticipates data to be skewed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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