We've have 7 CMS Approved risk-adjusted sports medicine surgical performance measures - each utilizing patient reported outcomes (see our listing) and risk factors submitted from leading sports med surgeons:

The Surgical Performance Measures are (click on each to see the full measure description):

  1. Surgical Reconstruction for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
  2. Knee Arthroscopy for Meniscectomy
  3. Knee Arthroscopy for Meniscal Repair
  4. Surgical Repair for Rotator Cuff Tear
  5. Shoulder Arthroscopy - includes rotator cuff debridement, biceps tenodesis and acromioplasty procedures.
  6. Shoulder Arthroplasty - includes hemiarthroplasty, total anatomical and reverse arthroplasty procedures
  7. Shoulder Instability - Labral Reconstruction

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Each Measure

Average unadjusted and risk-adjusted change in a validated patient reported outcome measure
used as an indicator of surgery quality - over a period of 6 months

For a copy of the complete measures, send a request to: