Performance in MIPS is measured through the data clinicians report in four areas: Quality, Cost, Improvement Activities, and Promoting Interoperability. The performance categories have different “weights” and are added together to give you a MIPS final score. Explore the measures for each category on the Quality Payment Program website.
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What are some of the major changes for 2019?

Overhauling the MIPS Promoting Interoperability (formerly Advancing Care Information) performance category to support greater electronic health record interoperability and patient access while aligning with the Medicare

Promoting Interoperability Program requirements for hospitals.

Moving clinicians to a single, smaller set of objectives and measures with scoring based on measure performance for the Promoting Interoperability performance category.

Allowing the use of a combination of collection types for the Quality performance category.

Retaining and increasing some bonus points

For the Cost and Quality performance categories, providing the option to use facility-based scoring for facility-based clinicians, who are planning to participate in MIPS as individuals or as a group. Facility-based measurement does not require data submission, but to be recognized as a group for scoring purposes, a facility-based group would need to submit data for the Improvement Activities or the Promoting Interoperability performance categories.